The VIKS fair has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 problems we have in Europe at present time.
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General informations for exihbitors


Saturday, May 2nd 2020
Installation  8.00 am
Opening to the public  10.00 am
Closure  6.00pm

Sunday, May 3rd 2020
Installation  8.00 am
Opening to the public 9.00 am 
Closure  4.00 pm

Tables are 150 x 65 cm in size and the price for one table including lunch for 2 people on saturday and a snack on sunday is 390.00 Euro.
If you book 2 tables the price is 700.00 Euro
Limit date for refund is 90 days before the show ( 15th February 2020 ).



The purpose of the present regulation is to ensure and guarantee quality and the integrity of the VIKS and to make some an pleasant experience for all. Exhibitors and visitors.

Art 1 : Only knives and white arms will be exposed and put in sale. Engravers, scrimshanders and the other artists are invited to show mainly works having knives for support.

Art 2 : The knifemakers have to have knives to sell ; they can only expose on their table their works. To note : excepted special authorization, no division of table by several exhibitors I authorized.

Art 3 : All Austrian laws and E.U. regulations if applicable, have to be respected. This understands international agreements on the protection of species in the process disappearance such that those on the utilization of elephant or walrus ivory… It is counselled to supply all document witnessing of the exact material nature and the conformity with laws enforced.

Butterfly, gravity, automatic knives etc… are authorized to the sale but it is recommended to respect scrupulously the law concerning the carrying of these articles in public places, outside of halls of the Show.

Art 4 a : Organizers reserve them the right to refuse a table and to exclude all person whose presence, behavior or purposes could have wrong to the Show, to the other exhibitors or to the public.

  • b : If an exhibitor, in the opinion of the Show Organizers, does not behave in a reasonable or professional manner, this exhibitor to expose again at he VIKS. This equally concerns insults with reference to the Organizers, the other exhibitors or the public and all behavior of nature to disturb public order.
  • c : Excluded exhibitor loses all right to the refund of its table and it will be able to be held responsible of all misdemeanour and various damages, as well as of all slanderer purposes or insults uttered at this opportunity. 
  • : The responsibility for the organizer could in no way being sought on the assumption of the cancellation of the living room, of its change of date or of place for cause beyond control (strike, attack, natural disasters, etc) It could not also be required on the assumption of a cancellation of the living room if, by extraordinary, the commission of safety did not give the authorization of such a demonstration.

Art 5 : Each exhibitor is responsible of the security of its merchandise, as well to its sake than to thirds. A surveillance of night will be insured but Organizers will not be able to be held responsible for loss, injury or robbery. It is therefore recommended to exhibitors to subscribe beside a duly entitled company an insurance on knives they expose during the Show.

Art 6 : Exhibitors assume the whole responsibility and renounce by the following to all recourses against Organizers, their employees and agents, for all complaints, losses and damages to persons or to goods : for all administrative fines, attorney expenses or others, coming or causing by the installation, the occupation, the maintenance or the utilization of places and the equipment of the lounge.
In besides, exhibitors recognize by the following that they have been informed that Organizers have subscribed no special insurance policy covering the goods of the exhibitors and it belongs to them, and to them alone, to obtain additional clause of extension or the complementary insurance policy needed to cover the losses and the damages concerning their goods during the Show.

Art 7 : The exhibitors agrees to be present on their table the 2 days of the show, Saturday and Sunday and until the closing of the VIKS. This is to receive as it should be, many collectors who come to the show.

Art 8 : We remind you it is forbidden to smoke.

Art 9: Each exhibitor will have to conform to the provisions of the Order in Council N°95-589 of May 6th 1995 relating to the regulations for war material, arms and munitions, and respect the dictates stated in article 50-2°b and 6 of this Order. In no case the organisers will be held responsible if one of the exhibitors did not conform to this Order provisions, or if he did not fulfil the procedures in force in the labour laws: registration in your name or in the name of a company to an office or an official organisation. In the presence of such a problem, the exhibitor could have his access to the Show refused, and no refund would be allowed, whatever the date of his payment. Each exhibitor is responsible for the payment of his VAT, as well as his customs duties in case of sales to Austrian residents (for foreign cutlers). In no case the organisers can be held responsible for the non respect of laws by exhibitors.

Art 10 : The fair organisers reserve the right to modify or add other elements to the present regulation at any time. Any modification brought to the present rules will be notified individually to each exhibitor. 

Art 11 : The claims related to all the contract provisions will be within the exclusive competence of the Austrian Commercial Court.

Art 12 : To enter the show you must be over 18 years old or accompanied by a legal guradian who will be responsible for you the at the show.





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